Month: August 2016

You can never have too many clamps

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I have found through this phase of the build you can never have too many clamps. This pic is the clamps used to attach and glue the front spar nail strip (it is only ever glued) used to hold the leading edge on.


Once the front nail strips are on, then its time to get to nose ribs glued into place. I tried to get the centre section of the ribs themselves routed out. Got one done and it took forever….gave up and will put up with the incremental weight. Wont be much though.



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With the painting done its is time to get these brackets fitted to the spars


The painting was a bit fiddly – two part Stewart Systems top coat. Took me a while to get the paint the right consistency and for it to sit nicely once sprayed. Anyway, once dried it took a few hours to fit and adjust to the point I could tighten all of the bolts.

This last picture shows the reamer in place for the 3/4 inch hole that will have a bushing inserted through the spar.




Painting for the first time

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I have spray painted over the years, but only rarely. This time however I am faced with priming and then painting a finish coat – that is a two part paint. I am going to use Stewart Systems all the way through, but I must admit the finish coat made me nervous.

Primer first. Stewart EcoPrime is one part primer. Opening it, its like water. Stirs up easily and you just shoot it off. It went on beautifully. Here I am thinking this is going to be easy!!. New cheap paint gun, new air hose – nice primer job. How good is this!!

So primer done, all is looking good. Now for a dry and sand and onto the finish coat.

My paint box. It was a crate that housed my engine mount.

Metalwork – Again

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With the spar glued, next step is to get the metal spar attach brackets finished and finally mounted onto the spars themselves. This is really the next step to getting the centre section assembled. I didn’t want to weld the brackets given my limited skills and lack of equipment, so off to GoAir we go, again. Heres what came back.


The spar attach brackets have been media blasted – which explains the difference in color between them and the steel tube. Nice and clean!! I dont have a lathe and need the caps that sit in the end of the compression tube to be turned and they did that as well after I found some mild steel rod. All fits together nicely