Month: May 2016

Ribs and Spars

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This afternoon, spent the afternoon on the bandsaw and with the router shaping the capstrip for the centre section ribs. Once I had completed the top and bottom cap strips for each of the 4 ribs I jumped onto the thicknesser to get my oversize spars down to one inch thickness. Next step will be to bevel them on a bench saw.

Step 1: Bandsaw the top of the capstrip to rough shape. Thats me on the saw.


Step 2: Router the edges of the ops to correct size. Note the ply template used to ensure consistency. On these bigger 1 1/4″ capstrips I needed to passes, the second at a greater depth.

IMG_2231Step 3: Trim the ends with drop saw, then back on the bandsaw to trim the inside curve. This will just be sanded as it will sit inside a rib with ply on either side….not visible.

Whilst I was in my mates shed…. thought I would grab some time on the thicknesser to get the spar widths correct. That machine is magic. Andrew my quality controller in the background. He is the master, I am the apprentice.



Metalwork Lessons

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Early in the build I started first on the top wing attach brackets. I made the side pieces and drilled as per the plans made the underside inserts. As I am now on the spars, the end brackets need to go on early.

Given I can’t weld yet and these things hold the wings on, I didn’t want to do the welding. So I took them to GOAIR at Bankstown (YSBK). Shout out to these guys. They were amazing.

I got down there early one day and spoke to one of the team and they read my plans listened to what I needed and then proceeded to teach me all about 4130, how it moves in heating/welding and how best to set it up.

I went back a week later and walked in the door to another guy and as I was paying he asked me if I was close to finishing. I laughed and said actually only just starting. He then spent the next 20 minutes with me on how to shorten the build, gave me tips on drilling (lesson – dont drill the plates for these attaches until you are welded). Hooked me up with other tradies that can help.

When I got home I was looking at the finished welds at the bottom. Lesson 2 was when making 90 plates leave some overlap to help them metal stay located through welding. I followed the plans exactly so correctly located the just touch each other. No good for welding. What I noticed though is they replaced my 4 metal plates with new ones so they could weld. I shaped those things by hand, I know every card/dent etc on them. They aren’t mine. They didn’t tell me they changed them, and didn’t charge me any more. Those guys are amazing. Cant recommend them more highly. Thanks GOAIR. Link on my links page. I’ll be back.