Month: April 2016

Ply Forming

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In the top wing of the Delta variant there is no kit parts, so everything is being made from scratch. Having done the metal I have worked out how to get more efficient over time. Now the learning process begins for the ply components. The CAD plans are in full scale so I traced the outlines and transferred to ply then rough cut with jigsaw. The pieces that are complete (not all are) on the right are hand sanded for finish. The pieces being worked on here are the ply sheet parts which are the nose and trailing ribs. On the bench are also some rough cut ply doublers.

I now know that a router/trimmer is going to be necessary. The ply doubles need a bevelled edge and to get the parts absolutely matched a trimmer at least would be helpful



Woodwork Begins

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I have been getting towards the end of what I need to do right now for the metal work so have started on some woodwork. This is a first for me. Aside from minor building around the house I have never done anything like this.

Started with the some templates for the Ribs for the centre section. Is the delta wing there is four timber ribs and two 4130 steel compression members. The middle section stays open for the top wing fuel tank. The pic below is the start of the forming of the middle and main two ribs. This two primary are 1 and 1/4 inches wide. I will use the templates to form the actual rib sides from 1/8″ ply.

PS> I know I know….. I need to get something done about my electrical situation. The 4 banger in the back is no good. I need to get my sparky mate out to run some power points.


IMG_1809Woodwork – Clamping and hand sanding for final edge finish