Month: September 2015

Drawings & Plans

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To start the build I ordered the plans for SteenAero. This is a Delta Wing so I needed to order the Delta Supplement. This will make building the wings a little easier and Manualadd to total weight due the reduced spar length.

Plans arrived and lots to learn and read about.

8th September 2015 – 1 hour read plans and update with notes from the Steen Aero Builders manual

13th September 2015 – .8 hour.  Set up builders log on iPad. Subsequently I finished using this app and built the website as a record.
13th September 2015 – .5 hour. Ordered the Skybolt Builders log from BiPlane forum website. Look for Beej (username) he has them for USD $35 – good value and full of good tips.

Total Time – notes and revisions
– 2.3 Hours


Start of Top Wing Centre Section

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This is the start of the top wing centre section. It is also the start of me working with 4130 ChromeMoly Steel. Man this stuff is tough. Anyway here we go.

10th September 2015  .5 hours

Started to cut out the metal from the sheet for the front spar attach brackets. This looks like the most time consuming components of the centre section.



11th September 2015 – 0.2 hours

More work on the bracket… figured out how to cut and shape them now. Grinder is going great though I get a sense I am consuming the wheel itself too.


22nd September 2015 – Bracket cutting and outside forming .5 hours


A pic on the progress. The left side I have the right sized blank. One on the left have the shape finished, filed smooth and holes marked and punched